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Each college has an undergraduate curriculum and instruction (C&I) committee to review course and program proposals. The committee is chaired by a faculty member who coordinates the review and voting for the college. The college C&I chair also works with other college C&I chairs and the Vice Provost for Faculty, Curriculum and Policy to ensure all proposals are appropriately developed and considered by the university community.

Proposals for new academic programs are coordinated by the Associate Vice Provost for Faculty, Curriculum and Policy. The General Education Council reviews offerings which impact General Education.

For information on developing a proposal in your college, contact your C&I chair.

College Curriculum and Instruction Meeting Dates

2021-2022 College C&I Chairs

Vice Provost for Faculty and Curriculum, College C&I Committee Chair
Paula Maxwell,

Janina Peachey,

College of Arts and Letters (Graduate)
Chris Arndt,

College of Arts and Letters (Undergraduate)
Jessica Adolino,

College of Business
Scott Gallagher,

College of Education
Bryan Zugelder,

College of Health and Behavioral Studies
Kevin Apple,

College of Integrated Science and Engineering
Mike Lam,

College of Science and Mathematics
Giovanna Scarel,

College of Visual and Performing Arts
Andrew Connell,

General Education
Skip Hyser,

School of Professional & Continuing Education
Sarah MacDonald,

Office of the Registrar
Erika Mabrey, on behalf of Michele White,

The Graduate School
Michael Stoloff,

University Advising
Marquis McGee,

University Studies
Scott Paulson,

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