Your Conference Assistant (CA) is a JMU student employee dedicated to ensuring the success of your conference at all stages from planning through completion. When you choose JMU Conference Services for your event, your Conference Assistant will make arrangements for everything from parking to meals.

Before your event, you will complete a room roster with the names of all conference attendees and a minimum guarantee form stating the minimum number of attendees that will be billed for meals. Both these documents must be completed and returned to your CA at least two weeks prior to the conferences so we can prepare the check-in roster and make arrangements for providing meals to your group. At this time, we also ask that you confirm your itinerary, facility setups, and any transportation or technology/audiovisual needs.

On the day your conference begins at James Madison University, your CA will have signs around campus directing your attendees to the check-in location (predetermined by you and your CA based on availability and convenience). Your group will park in a designated location: for smaller groups we will provide parking passes for each vehicle while larger groups may have a dedicated parking lot. Your CA will greet your attendees at the check-in location with the roster, a key and meal card for each person, and any additional materials that you request. The CA will also record all attendees who check in and use this list to record when attendees return their keys at checkout.

During your event, the CA is your single point of contact, dedicated to serving the needs of your group. He or she is responsible for ensuring that we provide all the services you requested so that you can relax and enjoy a successful event. This includes meals, linens, transportation, room setups and technical equipment, as well as any other unexpected needs that may arise.

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