IT Mission

Deliver a technology environment and services that enable the university community to learn, innovate, collaborate and provide excellent service.

IT Vision

Enhance learning, collaboration and service delivery through application of strategic technologies and secure universal access. 

IT Values

We value collaboration—both within IT and with those we serve—because it helps us understand and support the technology needs of the entire university community.

We value innovation because it helps us solve technology challenges and meet the needs of our diverse university community.

Being trustworthy—ethically delivering reliable services—is a non-negotiable in how we serve the university community.

It is important that we focus on service, meeting the JMU community’s technology needs and providing strong customer support.

We value responsiveness, always working effectively and reliably to meet the needs of the university community.

We will be forward-looking because it helps us anticipate and adapt to the ever-changing business and technology environment.

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