Transferable Associate Application Timeline

A student who meets JMU admission criteria and has earned an associate degree will be given greater consideration for admission over a student who does not earn an associate degree.

The list below indicates those associate degrees that have been approved by JMU to fulfill JMU's General Education requirements. General Education is JMU's core curriculum (41 credit hours) which is required of all students. Note that only those General Studies degrees that have been approved (designated below) will fulfill General Education requirements at JMU. You must also apply for graduation at your community college and request that a final copy of your transcript, showing the degree conferred be sent to the JMU Admissions Office. This will ensure that General Education requirements will be met upon admission to JMU. All BIS education track students in ECED, ELED, IECE, or SPED need an equivalent to WRTC 103, PSYC 160, and EDUC 200.

To use this chart, please select the community college you graduated from under "Educational Institution". From the chart, select your conferred degree row. A dropdown should appear with an application term and date.

Educational Institution Degrees Accepted Outcomes

1Please note that only SCHEV-approved General Studies programs (indicated above) will waive JMU's General Education requirements. SCHEV is the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. 

2Effective for students who earned the degree Spring 2016 and later

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