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Students who are completing the general curriculum special education program (K-12 SPED M.A.T.) can take the following coursework in the adapted curriculum program.  Once the coursework is complete, the student can ask the VDOE to review the transcript to determine if adapted special education licensure can be added to the current licensure in general curriculum special education.

Teachers in the community who currently possess licensure in K-12 general curriculum special education or who have provisional licensure in K-12 adapted special education may also take these courses, then submit their transcript to VDOE for review.

Concentration Courses (12 Credits)


EXED 509 - Nature and Issues of Severe Disabilities


EXED 584 - Methods of Instruction for Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities


EXED 625 - Medical & Technological Aspects of Early Childhood Special Education


EXED 602 - Communication, Language & Sensory Issues of Autism and Students on the Adapted Curriculum OR EXED 612 - Psychoeducational Assessment of Learning


EXED 638 - Practicum in Special Education Adapted Curriculum (may be required)



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