Take advantage of the resources below for your internship and job search. Reach out to your University Career Liaison Hadgu Hadgu to learn more. 

In preparation for your job or internship search, you’ll need to have a polished resume and LinkedIn profile. You’ll find best practices for each of these tools through the links below.

  • View resume guidelines here
  • View good sample student resumes here
  • View tips for an effective LinkedIn profile here

As you explore your career options and goals, take time to learn more about how your interests and skills fit in with the job market in your chosen field. We also encourage you to reach out to your professors for information and attend any job or networking events your department hosts. The tools below will help your research.

Begin your search for jobs and internships on Handshake, the University Career Center’s online portal. Here you can find:

  • Events to engage with employers
  • Internship and job postings
  • Career Fairs

As you explore your field, improve your chances for success by applying to multiple jobs or internships. Commercial job boards aggregate listings by keyword search, streamlining your efforts.

Popular job boards include: LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Indeed.com and SimplyHired.  

Note: When looking on these “open market” job boards do watch out for fraudulent and scam postings. Be vigilant and research each company carefully before applying and sharing your personal data. It has been our experience that most of the postings on these sites are legitimate, but, as with all things online, do your homework. If you have questions about a posting please reach out to us for assistance.

If you are interested in a specific organization, you can connect with them by heading to their “careers” webpage, where you may have the chance to interact directly with their recruiters.

Networking is a key part of the internship and job search process. Share your interests with friends, relatives, professors and JMU alumni who might know of potential opportunities or who would be able to help you make connections.

We have created a special LinkedIn group where CoB students can connect with alumni for information, networking and mentorship. Take time to set up your account with the JMU College of Business Career Mentor Network.

Get involved beyond the classroom. Student organizations can provide opportunities for leadership and the chance to network with professionals in your field.

Preparing for an interview is as important as studying for an exam. Practice your interviewing skills and get advice and feedback by using these resources.

Sign up for LinkedIn Learning through the JMU libraries to watch videos on how to prepare for an interview. LinkedIn also has a new interactive way to practice your interviewing skills. Learn more here.

Watch a video about this new resource.


Stand out among applicants and let recruiters know about why you are the candidate they need through a well-crafted cover letter. You’ll find tips on this easy-to-understand pdf.

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