The Young Business Professionals Council was formed to foster an environment for recent graduates and current College of Business students to connect, engage and empower one another. In support of the Office of Professional Development and Engagement goals, members will leverage their recent professional experiences and knowledge to enhance the learning and skill-building of current students, preparing them to thrive in the world of business.

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First name Last name Major Class year LinkedIn
Alana Buto International Business 2018 LinkedIn
Abigail Eget Economics 2021 LinkedIn
David Gutierrez Computer Information Systems 2018 LinkedIn
Emily Hoang Computer Information Systems 2020 LinkedIn
Jacqueline Lanigan Business Management 2019 LinkedIn
Jake McMonagle Quantitative Finance, Mathematics 2018 LinkedIn
Brendan Reece Marketing 2017 LinkedIn
Kirsten Tice Accounting, B.B.A. & Accounting, M.S.A. 2017 & 2018 LinkedIn
Tess Atkinson Business Management 2018 LinkedIn
Briana Cifelli Marketing 2018 LinkedIn
Margaret (Peggy) Coppola Finance 2019 LinkedIn
Alex Crothers Marketing 2017 LinkedIn
Ben DeLeo Business Management 2020 LinkedIn
Michael Fronzaglia Computer Information Systems 2022 LinkedIn
Kelly Johnson Quantitative Finance, Mathematics 2021 LinkedIn
Aliah King Business Management 2021 LinkedIn
John Meade Economics, Finance 2017 LinkedIn
Maryhelen Storey Accounting B.B.A. & Accounting M.S.A. 2020 & 2021 LinkedIn
Joe Straub Marketing, ISAT 2016 LinkedIn
Henry Twagirayezu Economics 2022 LinkedIn

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