Howard M. Wilhelm Scholarship in Economics

Award to be used during recipient's senior year. Recipient shall be an economics major in their junior year, with an above average GPA. Recipient shall have demonstrated leadership skills in campus activities and have the potential for graduate study in economics.

J. Barkley Rosser, Sr., Memorial Scholarship in Economics

Recipient must be a junior majoring in economics with the highest GPA in economics. In the case of a tie, the recipient must have the highest overall GPA. The recipient must not also be the recipient of the Wilhelm Scholarship.

Sara C. Yakovac Memorial Scholarship in Economics

Outstanding Academic Achievement, coupled with leadership and/or active participation to the maximum of his/her ability, within the Economics Program, other university related activities or community services during college tenure. This scholarship is intended for sophomores, juniors or seniors. If at any time the student recipient fails to meet the requirements or when the student graduates, a new student will be selected based on the established criteria.

The JIN Scholarship

The JIN Scholarship is available for up to four students who have an interest in political economy.  Recipients will complete the following four of the following five courses with a minimum GPA of 3.5: ECON 300-Economics of Institutions, ECON 326-Public Finance, ECON 327-Game Theory, ECON 405-Political Economy, and ECON 426-Public Choice.  The student will also complete a substantial research paper as an independent study (ECON-490).  In addition, the student is expected to attend the JIN Lectures.  The award upon completion is $2,500.00.  To be eligible, the student must (1) be an economics major, (2) have a minimum GPA of 3.00, (3) submit a brief letter of application and (4) a copy of unofficial transcripts.

Student Awards
Faculty Award for Academic Excellence in Economics

Recipient must have attained at least junior status, be a declared economics major and maintain at least a 3.80 cumulative GPA. Successful candidate will have earned the respect of the economics faculty, demonstrated exceptional analytical abilities, exceptional intellectual maturity and commitment to her/his study of economics.

Executive Advisory Board Outstanding Senior in Economics

Recipient shall have an outstanding academic record, demonstrated leadership skills in campus activities and revealed the potential for post-baccalaureate studies.

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