President’s Coalition to End Sexual Violence at JMU

The Coalition to End Sexual Violence at JMU task force has just begun work to engage in policy reform, survivor empowerment, and campus-wide education and training to end the culture of sexual violence at JMU. Members were appointed by recommendations of the task force chairs, the vice presidents and the President’s Cabinet.

President’s Council on Health and Well-Being

The President’s Council on Health and Well-Being will begin coordinating and providing campus-wide oversight guidance on efforts for promoting health and well-being at JMU. The council will assess available resources, review current policies and practices, identify and prioritize needs and opportunities, and lead strategic planning to ensure JMU engages in best practices for health and well-being and guide JMU in becoming a Health Promoting Campus

Campus-Wide Accessibility Committee

We are elevating the work of the President’s Campus-Wide Accessibility Committee so that this group is better positioned to address these concerns.  All the existing members will continue their work on this committee, and Tim Miller and Towana Moore will serve as co-chairs. They will work hand in hand with Valerie Schoolcraft and Gary Shears to address the shared concerns while also identifying new ways we can utilize universal design in our accessibility efforts at JMU. 

Campus Council on Alcohol Policy and Enforcement

Working in new ways, members of the group will identify the behaviors we agree are unacceptable and develop strategies to address them on our campus. Goals of the committee include identifying and addressing areas of ongoing concern related to the current alcohol culture on campus; clarifying current policy and enforcement related to alcohol use on campus to all key stakeholders; and proposing a philosophy for an acceptable role alcohol can or should play within the JMU culture.

Shared Governance

A joint task force, with members selected by the Provost’s Office and Faculty Senate, has been created to explore what ideal shared governance practices entail. This group will deepen and expand our collective understanding, expertise and best emerging practices for activating shared governance across the range of activities, responsibilities and units in Academic Affairs.

Academic Affairs and Student Affairs Collaboration

Student Affairs and Academic Affairs leadership teams gathered for a retreat in July to discuss the ways that the two divisions could work more collaboratively to address the concerns and feedback from the Campus Climate Study. These conversations have continued in smaller, more focused settings, and the whole group will meet again in January.

Policy Changes

University Policy #1324. Discrimination and Retaliation Complaint Procedures (Other than Title IX Sexual Harassment (Policy 1346) and Sexual Misconduct (Policy 1340)) has been significantly revised in response to feedback and changes to federal and state law. You can view the updated policy online.

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