Dr. Susan Rankin of Rankin & Associates Consulting, which is serving as the outside consultant for JMU climate survey, defines campus climate as, "the current attitudes, behaviors, standards and practices of employees and students of an institution." The climate is often shaped through personal experiences, perceptions and institutional efforts.

Dr. Rankin’s research maintains that positive personal experiences with campus climate and positive perceptions of campus climate generally equate to successful outcomes. Example successful outcomes include favorable educational experiences and healthy identity development for students, productivity and a sense of value for faculty and staff, and overall well-being for all.

The idea to conduct a campus climate survey originated from interested students, faculty and staff who believed data from such a survey might be useful in planning for the future and improving the climate at JMU.

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Your questions and comments are very important as we move through this process. If you've got questions or want to share anything, contact the working group co-chairs, Aderonke Adesanya, Heather Coltman and Tim Miller. You can reach them at speakupdukes@jmu.edu.


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