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Professor, ISAT, IA
Contact Info

  • Post Doctoral – DNAX Research Inst.
  • Ph.D. Texas A&M University
  • M.S.  Texas A&M University
  • B.A.  University of California, Santa Barbara

Raab joined the JMU faculty in Fall 2001 and teaches courses in biotechnology and awareness and understanding of WMDs.

He serves as a regional HazMat responder, and educator for the Fire Departments of Harrisonburg, and Rockingham County in Virginia. 

He provides instruction and training for National Guard Civil Support Teams. In addition, he also serves as a volunteer firefighter. 

Prior to joining JMU, Raab spent 15 years in the biotech industry as a research scientist at IDEC Pharmaceuticals, and Affymax Research Institute. He has taught Molecular Biology and Genetics at the University of California, Berkeley. 

Research Interests

Raab's research interests are the cloning, expression, and purification of genes from pathogenic bacteria, and viruses for use as potential vaccines, therapeutics, and/or for diagnostic reagents for the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

He is currently working on cloning various forms of the human eye protein lacritin for therapeutical of dye-eye syndrome and bacterial eye infections. 

Certified Instructor
  • WMD Radiological/Nuclear Awareness - National Security Technologies
  • WMD Standardized Awareness Trainer - Center for Domestic Preparedness
  • Fundamentals Course for Radiological Response - Center for Domestic Preparedness
  • Radiological Training for Hospital Personnel - Center for Domestic Preparedness
  • Avanced Chem/Bio Integrated Response - Joint Operational Testing and Training
  • Hospital Emergency Response Teams - Center for Domestic Preparedness
  • Integrated Command Systems 300 and 400 – Virginia Dept. of Emergency Management
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