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Class of 2026

William chose JMU Engineering because of the team and project-based work. "The JMU Engineering program focuses on working together to solve complex problems and complete challenging projects," says William. "I love working with my hands, so the opportunity to work alongside others while being given a space to be creative and have fun was too good to pass up."

He became an EA because he wants to share his passion for engineering with everybody. "Being an EA provides unique opportunities for me to do this through in-reach and out-reach events."

William enjoys running and is a member of JMU's Cross Country and Track Club and he plans to join Madison Welders and JMU Aerospace Club this semester. "I enjoy playing and watching sports, specifically baseball. GO NATS!"

How is JMU Engineering preparing you for your future?

"JMU Engineering is growing my knowledge of the subjects we cover, improving my communication skills through group projects, presentations, and public speaking."

Advice for prospective students:

"Make yourself known in Engineering. Take as many chances as you get to meet someone new or talk to a professor. We're all here to support each other, and the professors are here to help us. Be social, get to know people, work hard, and you'll be successful."

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