Ethan Sheehy image


Class of 2025

The EA Program was recommended to Ethan by upper-class students. He was eager to give back to the program and get new students more involved. He chose JMU Engineering because of his interest in STEM and stuck with it because of the supportive community. "I have access to opportunities that have helped me get further in the field and grow my passion for Engineering." Ethan is also involved with Madison Welders, Cross Country and Track. In addition, he enjoys working out, cooking, shopping, and exploring the outdoors.

How is JMU Engineering preparing you for your future?

"JMU Engineering has helped me to get over my fear of public speaking. In addition, I have enhanced my leadership skills, communication with team projects, and overall confidence in my work."

Advice for prospective students:

 "Get out of your comfort zone and look for as many opportunities as possible. College is what you make of it; get the most out of your experience by trying new things. Don't be afraid to ask for help or talk to other students."

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