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Class of 2025

Kali became an EA because she is very passionate about JMU Engineering and wants to share it with prospective students and show them how truly special our department is. Kali is also part of the JMU All-Girl Cheerleading team, the CISE mentorship program, and the Engineering Student Council. In her free time, Kali enjoys the beach, reading, and hanging out with friends.

She chose JMU Engineering because she loves the "create your own pathway" aspect of the major. "I feel I can write my own story and study the areas I am interested in, all while connecting with fellow engineering majors, professors, and alumni. In addition, there are many resources to help us be successful."

How is JMU Engineering preparing you for your future?

"There are engineering clubs, activities, internships, and more. Resources are available that benefit us in our current and future endeavors. Professors encourage us to succeed and think outside of the box, which helps us with transitioning into the workplace."

Advice for prospective students:

"Do not be afraid to ask questions. A lot of information goes into making a decision for your future! Pursue your passions and never give up on your goals. You will never know what you're capable of unless you step outside your comfort zone and try it!"

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