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2021 Madison Engineering Virtual xChange
April 19-24
Celebrating a year of good through innovation, research and design

Our event is over, but please enjoy the 2021 Madison Engineering x-Change by clicking on any of the links below. Our virtual event showcased junior and senior projects from the 2020-2021 academic year.

2021 Schedule
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Special thanks to our 2020-21 partners: 

  • Ken Benson
  • Biomimicry Institute
  • Department of Energy (DOE)
  • Mossy Creek Fly Fishing and Trout Unlimited
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Northrup Gruman
  • Pale Fire Ale
  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • W.R. Grace and Company
April 19

Shell Eco-marathon Propulsion & Data Acquisition Team (JR)
Adam Gremminger, Camden Hollowell, Kyle Lewis, Nicholas Pumpelly, Jake Schmank, Charlotte Solak, Jack Stephenson, Nick Tsoleas

Re-purposing Silicon Dioxide Manufacturing Waste (SR)
Sarah-Margaret Andrews, Arthur Ashe, Sahm Azizi, Fitz Curran, Ronan Higgins, John Young

Bridges Over Mossy Creek Team C - Bridge Deck and Superstructure (SR)
Jamie Clark, Colleen Cotter, Ian Howell, Jack Leary, Wyatt McCabe

Detecting Changes in Algae Growth Using Multispectral Imaging (SR)
Jorge Barajas, Christian Detweiler, Cailyn Lager, Charlie Seaver, Mark Vakarchuk

Bridges Over Mossy Creek Team A - Creek Bank and Bed Rehabilitation (SR)
Huy Nguyen, Marcos Piggott, Devin Smith, Jack Williams

April 20

Building Latrines for Tanzania (SR)
Catherine Beck, Jessica Besnier, Melaney Cutler, Megan Fedkoe, Mark Jockin, Chris Jones, Jordan Jones, Erik Idrizi, Cameron Miller

Collegiate Wind Competition 2022 (JR)
Joshua Bautch, Alexandra Davis, Garrett Downs, Ban Mansoor, Nicole Peterson, Matthew Porchetta, Colby Schneider, Brian Sweet 

Synthetic Biological Machines (JR)
Melanie Blatt, Corinne Brady, Lydia Chupp, Tommaso Piccorossi, Amy Veihdeffer, Johnna Verry

Aerial Multispectral Imaging (JR)
Sofiya Gorban, Stephen Mitchell, Dylan Varghese, Tyler Webster

NASA Student Launch Initiative Competition (JR)
Coleson Baughan, Brandon Carroll, Cameron Funk, Ben Hoare, Kris Krueger, Abby Maltese, Gray Roisch, Trace Scordo, Kelly Sadel

April 21

Bridges Over Mossy Creek Team B – Foundations, Abutments, and Supports (SR)
Anthony Bruno, Ryan Lesniak, Jack Lindberger, Conor McNicholl, Holden Tasillo

Sensing to Decrease Hypoglycemic Events (SR)
Brandon Duda, Josh Clements, Brady Finzel, MacKenzie Gring, Ashley Vayo

Shell Eco-marathon Strategy Team (SR)
Jonathan Amaya, Jordan Capelle, Francis Chval, Alejandro Mastrapa, Jordan Prax, Mark Rodriguez

Spent Grain Recovery (SR)
Peyton Dudley, Connor Feit, John Gardiner, Collin Kenney, Chris Smith

Collegiate Wind Competition 2021 (SR)
Nikolas Bajs, Raymond Benner, Tre Bright, George Funk, Brady Monroe, Nathaniel Ray, Leith Rayes, Jaclyn Riddiford

April 22

Assessing Intrinsic Foot Muscles (SR)
Nathan Carney, Niko Droukas, Shannon Karabaic, Bre McLaughlin, Morgan Uhlick

Connected Relationships using IoT (JR)
Katelyn Anderson, Cassie Bedard, Garrett Hutson, Evelyn Munsterman

Food Truck for the Mind (JR)
Raphael Bianchi, Nick Ciccone, Erik McIntosh, Matt Paredes, Zach Weller

Train of Thought (SR)
Cassidy Anderson, William Hinkle, Lachlan Hudson, Ethan Keck, Trevor Kraeutler, Zach Wenzler, Adam Zahorchak

NASA BIG Ideas Competition (SR)
Sophia Cronin, Lawrence Marfo, Javier Rodriguez, Zechariah Somers, Tanna Walters

April 23

Beaver Creek Restoration (JR)
Hunter Goodman, Jacob Messner, Lacey Monger, Jack Peot, Andrew Sklavounos, Tyrees Swift-Josey 

Interactive Biophysics Machines (JR)

Biomimicry Global Design Competition (JR)
Jeremy Lunn, Zach Mountjoy, Wesley Quill, Kelly Riggan, Andrew Smith, Gage Waltner

AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition Team (JR)
William Ahorsu, Michael Allsop, Jack Lochary, Andrew McHale, Jadon Rabon, Katie Smith

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