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JMU Engineering is an ABET accredited, 4-year interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree program. Created in 2008 for 21st-century engineering needs, we offer a world-class undergraduate engineering experience based on a philosophy of learning by doing. Our smaller classes facilitate supportive mentoring by faculty and require a high level of student engagement. Our project-based curriculum is designed to provide a modern way to specialize. Our required 2-year-long capstone project experience, in particular, provides a platform for customized learning in a focused area of interest. You will have better learning experiences, more substantial references, and a portfolio of engineering work. After 8 semesters of authentic project work, you will graduate project-ready, and prepared for the flexibility and resilience needed in our rapidly changing work world.

Industry and others have suggested a modern engineer requires a perspective across many fields to meet the complex demands of 21s century opportunities. We will provide you with an engineering education rich in design, systems thinking, and project management, and opportunities to customize your learning through real engineering projects. Our program has proven to be a springboard to just about any type of career possibilities.

Customize your education through real engineering projects

Our curriculum is designed upon the best learning science — people learn better by doing.

Our program is project-based so students dive into projects starting on day one.  We celebrate those milestone successes in our classrooms, and we invite students to showcase their accomplishments in digital portfolios - or ePortfolios. These are a collection of students’ engineering work that they showcase to the outside world, including prospective employers. Explore student-published ePortfolios to get a sense of what kinds of projects our students start in their four years at JMU Engineering.

Engineering careers are built upon project work too, so it’s good to hear from employers that they find our students are "project ready" upon hire.

A complete listing of all core and elective courses including pre-requisite information is available in the Engineering section of the official JMU Undergraduate Catalog.

Opportunities to develop new competencies, skills, and abilities

We offer a wide range of unique opportunities to develop new skills and competencies that complement our academic program. These include programs such as the Engineering Leadership and the Engineering Honors programs, opportunities for minors, and course sequences in innovation and creativity. There are also a number of student clubs and organizations.

Make a difference

You want to make a difference, you want to create groundbreaking solutions, you want to have an amazing career, and you know engineering is a great choice, yet it’s hard to know exactly what your world will look like when you graduate. We offer one of the nation’s truly modern engineering experiences, providing curriculum, faculty, and spaces that give you the engineering knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for success. Our undergraduate degree program is designed to help you turn your ideas into real solutions for the planet, society, and industry but also prepare you with the adaptability needed for career success in the 21st century.

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