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Academic Labs

Advanced Thermal Fluids Lab
NSF-funded, collaborative laboratory facility to support faculty research, advanced fluids courses, and capstone projects into aerodynamics, biological flows, cardiovascular fluid mechanics, etc. The facility houses four major pieces of equipment:

  • Stereo particle image velocimetry system for three-dimensional flow characterization with a high spatial and temporal resolution
  • Flow visualization water tunnel with a circulating pump and variable speed drive assembly
  • Open-circuit subsonic wind tunnel
  • Versatile heart simulator system for cardiovascular applications

Circuits Lab
Classroom/Laboratory where electronic circuits instruction and experiments take place and Mechanics & Materials combined courses are taught. Staffed by trained student assistants during evening hours to allow work on experiments when faculty instructors are not present. Equipment includes:

  • National Instruments hardware for data acquisition
  • Laboratory power supplies, function generators, and oscilloscopes
  • Fume hoods
  • Strain gauge readers
  • Thermocouple welders
  • Fixtures for strain measurements
  • Assorted mechanical hardware and electrical components to support student prototyping
  • Soldering stations equipped with fume extractors and using lead-free solder
  • LPFK circuit board prototyping machine

Engineering Analysis Lab
Laboratory space to support engineering mechanics sequence (Statics, Dynamics, Engineering Materials, and Fluids/Thermal Fluids). Equipment available includes:

  • National Instruments hardware for data acquisition
  • Laboratory power supplies, function generators, and oscilloscopes
  • Load frames for static analysis
  • Fume hoods
  • Strain gauge readers
  • Assorted mechanical hardware and electrical components to support student prototyping
  • Hydraulic benches and pumps
  • Flowmeters, pressure gauges, and transducers
  • Two Instron tensile testing machines
  • Two Rockwell hardness testers
  • TestResourses fatigue testing machine
  • Tormach CNC 4 axis vertical machining center
  • Festo process control rig
Research Labs
  • Sustainable Engineering Research Lab
  • Human-Computer Interaction + Design Lab
  • Additive Manufacturing Process and Properties Lab
  • Systems Exploration and Analysis Lab
  • Madison Academic Brewery

All engineering faculty conduct research, so you are welcome to reach out to any of them to inquire about future opportunities.

Work Spaces

Digital Manufacturing Lab
Laboratory space equipped with high-power computers for generating three-dimensional digital models, also capable of performing finite element analysis, flow simulations, and other computer-based analysis. Additionally, this lab is equipped with numerous 3-D printers that can produce physical objects directly from digital models. 3-D printers include:

  • Stratasys Elite
  • Objet 30 Pro
  • MakerBot Replicator 2
  • Z-Print 450
  • UP! 3D

Fabrication Lab
The Fabrication Lab is a shop for all Engineering students to work on their individual and group assignments.  The lab is staffed by trained student assistants in the evening throughout the year to ensure safety and help less experienced students use tools safely. Machine and hand tools include:

  • Industrial grade horizontal band saw, floor-mounted drill presses, floor-mounted belt/disc sanders, and power miter saw
  • Hand drills, jigsaws, Sawsalls, miter saws, combination squares, levels, protractors, wrenches, screwdrivers, tap and die sets, clamps, calipers, and more.

Machine Shop
Fully equipped machine shop with full-time staff machinist and trained student assistants on duty to assist with the safe operation of industrial-grade tools.  All engineering students use the machine shop to complete at least two assignments, and advanced training is available for students who desire it. Equipment includes:

  • Five full-size knee mills
  • Four industrial grade lathes
  • Floor mounted drill presses
  • Vertical band saws
  • Horizontal band saws
  • Measurement and inspection equipment
  • Box and Pan break, sheet metal shear, and slip rolls

First-Year Design Studio
A flexible project space for first-year projects, strategically located adjacent to engineering faculty offices to support casual faculty-student interactions as early as the first year.

Sophomore Design Studio
A large, flexible project space for the construction of assignments in ENGR 231/232. Storage cabinets assigned to design teams are equipped with tools for projects. 

Junior/Senior Design Studio
The Design Studio is a full classroom equipped for low-risk experiments and housing cabinets for Capstone teams.

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