Departments within the College of Integrated Science and Engineering operate laboratories that support student instruction and scholarship.  It is vital that everyone who works in our laboratories recognize the hazards associated with laboratory activities and follow proper safety procedures at all times.

Our college has developed a safety plan, which is a recommended reading for all students, staff, and faculty who work in our labs.

All students, staff, and faculty must receive safety training prior to working in our labs.  Faculty and staff supervising labs are responsible for ensuring that students are trained to work in a lab space. 

Within the College of Integrated Science and Engineering, the CISE Safety Committee makes recommendations on safety and procedures for sanctioned activities, works toward instilling a culture of safety among faculty, staff, and students, and advises the dean of lab and safety-related matters. 

The members of the CISE Safety Committee are:

Committee Members

Scott Padgett

Mark Showalter

Kyle Snow

John Wild



Questions regarding laboratory safety should be directed to the Academic Unit Head or the Dean of the College of Integrated Science and Engineering.


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