Dr. Giuliana Fazzion talks over the details of JMU Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any required courses for majors and minors?

Before starting a major, there are four preliminary language levels to cover:
Elementary I & II
Intermediate I & II

Can students place out of these classes?

Students can fully or partially place out of preliminary levels with the FLPE (Foreign Languages Placement Exam), SAT II or AP.

In which level do I place with AP 5?

You get credit for 231. However, we suggest you take the FLPE; you may place higher in 300.

What are the next steps?

You take 300 which is the prerequisite for all upper-level courses. If you took the FLPE and the score was over 600, then you can take 300 as Credit by Examination; if you pass it then you register for the following course.

When do I have to take a second language?

If you major in one language, then you need to take a second language up to the fourth semester (232).

When don’t I have to take a second language?

When you double-major, or you have a minor in education, or a double degree.

Can you tell us about Teacher Licensure?

Pre-K-12 grade Teacher Licensure is available in French, German, Italian and Spanish in four years. The student gets a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language with concentration in Education.

How many credits do you need to get a Professional Minor?

18 credits just like any regular minor.

What can I take in studies abroad?

You can take courses toward your major and minor. You need to plan with your advisor so that you know the courses are transferable. Many programs abroad are led by our foreign languages instructors.

If I am getting a major, how many more credits do I need to take in order to add a professional minor?

For Business and Legal minors no extra courses are required because three courses are in common with the major, and the other three are in place of the three electives required by the major. 

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