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Nursing Frequently Asked Questions

 When do students apply for the BSN program?

Once accepted to JMU, students will typically take four semesters of general education and prerequisite courses. Once the student has completed the minimum requirements and prerequisites for the nursing program, they are able to submit the BSN application. Typically students will apply their second year in December for Fall admission.

 Do you accept transfer students directly into the BSN program?

Students must complete at least one full-time semester at JMU before becoming eligible to apply to the BSN program. We do not directly admit into the BSN program.

 What requirements do I need to meet to become eligible to apply to the BSN program?

In order to apply to the nursing program you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum JMU GPA of a 3.00
  • Complete 36 credit hours prior to beginning the program
  • Be an enrolled JMU student
  • Transfer students must complete 1 semester as a full-time student at JMU prior to applying the BSN program
  • Must be declared as a nursing major
  • No grades lower than a C- will be accepted in any prerequisite course
  • Complete the following courses:
  • Prior to applying:
    • Chem 120 – Concepts of Chemistry
    • MATH 220 – Statistics
    • 2 Biology courses (choose from BIO 270 – physiology, BIO 245 – Microbiology, or Bio 290 – Anatomy)
  • Before entering the program:
    • NUTR 280 – Nutrition
    • GPSYC 160 – Developmental Psychology
    • 3rd Biology course (choose from BIO 270, BIO 245, or BIO 290)

 If I am a JMU student, am I guaranteed a spot in the nursing program?

No, the application process is competitive and we typically have 150-250 students apply each admission round for 113 spots.

 How many students apply each semester and how many are admitted to the program?

Nursing is a very popular career choice nationally and that trend is no different here at JMU. Each semester we have approximately 150-250 students apply to our program. Out of those students, 113 students are selected each application round for a total of 226 per year.

 What is your NCLEX pass rate?

The average is 94%. For the most recent year, our pass rate on the first attempt is 96%.

 Are you an accredited program?

The baccalaureate degree in nursing program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The BSN program is fully approved by the Virginia State Board of Nursing.

 Are all your faculty members practicing nurses?

Yes, in order to be a faculty member with JMU nursing all faculty must be current on their nursing license.

 Approximately how many clinical hours will I complete in the BSN program and where will my clinical sites be?

Every one credit hour of clinical equals 45 hours at your practicum site. By the end of the two-year program you will have approximately 540 clinical hours completed.

We work with many different clinical partners.  Clinical experiences and sites vary by semester and can be located anywhere within a one hour drive of campus.

 Will I need a car once I enter the BSN program?

You are responsible for transportation to and from all clinical sites. Many students choose to carpool.  If transportation is an issue for you, you will need to speak with our Clinical Coordinator before beginning the program to discuss options.

 How is admission to the BSN program determined?

Admission is determined using a scoring rubric which includes grades from the math and science prerequisites as well as the JMU cumulative GPA. Students also complete a 250 word personal statement which is only reviewed in the event of a scoring tie.

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