The following pre-requisites must be met following acceptance into a VCCS school RN associate degree program:

These Course Numbers Are Based on VCCS Equivalents

  • BIO 141 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
  • ENG 111 College Composition I
  • PSY 230 Developmental Psychology
  • SDV Student Development

Note: The above pre-requisites are only for entry into the co-enrollment program. Co-enrollment students must complete all RN-BSN pre-requisites prior to matriculating as a degree-seeking student to complete their BSN. View all RN-BSN requirements.

Students applying for the co-enrollment program should be committed to 11 or fewer credits in their ADN program each semester to ensure success in nursing courses at both VCCS and JMU. 

Students must show transcripts reflecting a cumulative GPA on all college work attempted of a 2.5 or better on a 4-point scale and a minimum GPA of 2.5 for any nursing courses completed, excluding repeated courses. Students with a cumulative GPA below 2.5 or who have repeated a nursing course will not be considered.

Students must submit unofficial transcripts at the end of each semester while enrolled as a co-enrollment student. Students must achieve a C or higher for all nursing courses while a co-enrollment student. Students with grades less than a C will be required to take a leave of absence from JMU until they have completed their ADN.

Students must also be able to meet the JMU School of Nursing Technical Standards for nursing practice (see below) and follow guidelines set forth in the RN-BSN Handbook.

Students who have met the pre-requisites for admission and the above considerations can submit an application. Visit the How To Apply page to access the application.

What are Technical Standards?

Technical standards are basic physical, cognitive, and psychosocial skills and abilities that are required for nursing practice. The following standards were developed to guide students to make an informed decision regarding nursing as a career. In order to complete the nursing curriculum and enter practice as a registered professional nurse, all students must possess abilities and skills in the areas of sensation, communication, motor function and behavioral proficiency.
View the JMU School of Nursing Technical Standards policy

Minimum Standards for Information Literacy

All entering JMU students are required to demonstrate a minimum level of computer and internet literacy. Each student must demonstrate the competency by the successful completion of the NSG 324 Strategies for Success course and any online learning/technology assessments assigned in courses in the RN-BSN Program.
View minimum standards for information literacy.

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