All entering JMU students are required to demonstrate a minimum level of computer and internet literacy. Each student must demonstrate the competency by the successful completion of the NSG 324 Strategies for Success course and any online learning/technology assessments assigned in courses in the RN-BSN Program.

The following are considered the minimum level of competency needed to participate in the online program:

  1. Install software onto your computer (such as web browsers, etc)
  2. Download and use the Two Factor Authentication (Duo) to access JMU services (My Madison, Canvas, Library, etc.)
  3. Use an internet browser to log onto websites and other applications with a user ID, password, and DUO
  4. Download and use required internet browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer
  5. Be able to search the Internet using a search engine
  6. Search and register for classes using your My Madison account
  7. Receive, send, and reply to JMU communications through Outlook email and Canvas messaging including attaching files to emails as required
  8. Develop, file, revise, edit, save, and print Microsoft Word documents (includes copy, paste, spell, and grammar check)
    On a PC –
    Office 365 Tutorials
    Basic use of Microsoft Word
    Basic use of Microsoft PowerPoint
    Basic use of Microsoft Excel

    On a Mac –
    Basic use of Microsoft Word on a Mac
    Basic use of Microsoft PowerPoint on a Mac
    Basic use of Microsoft Excel on a Mac
  9. Save a backup Copy of your course files
  10. Convert a picture to a pdf document.
  11. Create a video presentation using screencast-O-Matic, You Tube, or other video app.
  12. Incorporate APA formatting and citations into written work.
  13. Follow and participate in an online discussion, chat or blog.
  14. Log on and navigate the Canvas Learning Management System effectively, including checking grades, grading rubrics, uploading Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, URL, and video files to assignments, etc.
    Canvas Student Guide
  15. Create and maintain a Weebly ePortfolio including uploading Word documents and submitting link
  16. Use the Library resources to:
    Use the research guides
    Retrieve articles
    Cite sources
    Use Librarian support
  17. Download the Skype app and be able to participate in a Skype session

For additional assistance or computer help sessions, contact the JMU computing helpdesk at 540-568-3555 or contact Canvas help at LET Support 540-568-5312 or sending an email to

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