DNP Admission Process

Yes – you must apply to the Graduate School in order to be admitted to JMU and the DNP program. Additionally, you must also apply through the NursingCAS system.

No. You must submit emails of the people who will complete your recommendation and original transcripts as part of the NursingCAS application. You do not need to also submit letters of recommendation and original transcripts with the Graduate School application. If you are offered admission to the DNP program, then you will need to send original transcripts to the JMU Graduate School prior to the start of classes.

You must submit two (2) people’s contact information that will complete your recommendation as part of the NursingCAS application. You do not need to submit the letters of recommendation with the Graduate School application. Letters are best from prior supervisors/employers, university professors, and/or healthcare team members whom you have worked with in a professional capacity. Letters of recommendation from friends or family members are highly discouraged.

Yes, the DNP Coordinator and at least one other DNP Faculty member will participate in an admission interview. The interview is scheduled via email communication with the DNP Coordinator and may be conducted at any time during the application process.

Post-Master’s DNP offers multiple admission cycles. Post-Bachelor's DNP offers one-time admission for Spring semester with a Fall application deadline.  

The DNP Program

The Post-Master’s DNP and the BSN-DNP Healthcare Systems Leadership offer full-time and part-time plans of study. A typical part-time plan of study spans seven semesters with a full-time plan of study taking 5-6 semesters based on Individualized background and the number of practicum/clinical hours obtained post BSN prior to enrollment in the DNP Program. The post-bachelor's DNP Advanced Practice is full-time for three years (nine semesters).

Meet our faculty and learn about their interests on our JMU DNP Difference page.

Transfer, waive and substitute credits are possible and are granted based on individual review of credits/courses taken.

The Post-Master’s DNP and the BSN-DNP Healthcare Systems Leadership is a flexible, online format that allows students to work full-time. Some practicum hours in the BSN-DNP are required in healthcare organizations. Most students who work full-time enroll in the DNP program part-time. The Post-Bachelor's DNP Advanced Practice is a rigorous, full-time program. Full-time employment during the program is not recommended.

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