Selecting Events

  1. You will attend four approved in person Wellness Passport events this semester to complete your Wellness Passport assignment.
  2. The only events that fulfill the requirements of the Wellness Passport are those that are listed on the events calendar on the Wellness Passport website.
  3. You must attend one event for each of the following dimensions of wellness: intellectual, emotional, social. In addition, students are to attend one event from any of the following dimensions of wellness: spiritual or environmental or occupational.
  4. Many events include information that relates to multiple dimensions of wellness. However, each passport event can only be counted once for a dimension requirement. For example, under Dimensions column on the Events Calendar, an event may be listed as intellectual or emotional. You can only receive credit for either the intellectual dimension or the emotional dimension, not both.
  5. The Wellness Passport is designed to enhance your personal wellness, therefore, it is important for you to select events that interest you. Remember to read all of the information provided on the Events Calendar. There may be special instructions that may affect your participation such as advance registration, room capacity, fee, etc.

Attending Passport Events

  1. Only UREC events require advance registration. You must attend an event once you have registered. If, for some reason, you are unable to attend, please cancel your registration so another student has the opportunity to attend the program.
  2. You are required to take a verification form to the event and be sure that you get it stamped before you leave. Please remember that the verification form MUST be printed on white cardstock.
  3. Wellness Passport Verification Form
  4. While at the event, please be an active listener or participate when required, and allow for the possibility of the event running a little over time.
  5. Please refrain from engaging in unprofessional behaviors that may disrupt events. These behaviors may include, but are not limited to:
    1. talking with your neighbors during the event
    2. leaving or cell phones on an audible alert signal

Cancelled Events

If an event that you have selected or registered for is cancelled, the HTH 100 faculty do not assume any responsibility for rescheduling. Therefore, please plan accordingly so you can meet the designated due dates.

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