In the didactic portion of the curriculum, there are several engaged learning opportunities for students through hands-on skills workshops.  These workshops are designed to simply introduce these concepts and skills.  Students are not expected to gain proficiency in these skills until the supervised clinical rotation portion of the PA Program.

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Injections & IVs: Students have the opportunity to practice the skills of intra-muscular and subcutaneous injections as well as starting intra-venous catheters.
Extremity Splinting: Students practice various extremity splinting techniques on each other including a thumb spica splint, an ulnar gutter splint, a sugar tong splint, a stirrup splint, and more.
Aseptic Technique: In conjunction with the O.R. staff at Sentara RMH, students have the opportunity to practice "scrubbing in" and other aspects of aseptic technique in an operating room setting.  They also have the chance to practice simulated endoscopic techniques.
Diagnostic Ultrasound: Students are introduced to various bedside ultrasound skills including image guided injections, foreign body removal, and a FAST exam.
Airways & Intubation: Students are able to practice basic airway techniques such as inserting oral and nasal airway adjuncts.  They also practice traditional intubation skills as well as video enhanced laryngoscopy.
Suturing & Tying: Students have the opportunity to practice surgical tying and advanced suturing techniques on cadaver skin.
Incision & Drainage: Students have the opportunity to practice incision and drainage of a simulated skin abscess
Arthrocentesis: Students practice giving an intra-articular injection (knee) and aspirating joint fluid from a simulated knee
Lumbar Puncture: Using simulation models, students practice performing a lumbar puncture

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