A student interested in transferring to JMU to complete the Health Services Administration Program must first be admitted to JMU. Certain requirements must be met for a transfer student to be admitted to JMU. For additional information about transferring to JMU, refer to the JMU Transfer Web Site at https://www.jmu.edu/transfer/

Once admitted to JMU, transfer students may immediately declare the HSA major but must meet the same requirements to apply to become fully admitted to the program. Transfer students may be eligible to apply for full admission during their first semester at JMU if they transfer in with and/or are concurrently enrolled in the pre-requisite courses. Equivalent coursework taken at other schools will be accepted, and students are encouraged to review the JMU transfer equivalency guide and transfer credit policies.

A general guideline for transfer students with junior status or higher is to enroll in the following courses and apply to the major during their first semester at JMU:

  • ACTG 244 (or transfer course equivalent)
  • CIS 204 (or transfer course equivalent)
  • ECON 201 (or transfer course equivalent)
  • HTH 354
  • HTH 320
  • HTH 231
  • HTH 210

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