JMU’s Health Services Administration Program prepares students for entry-level administrative positions, and staff positions requiring administrative skills, in various health services organizations. It also provides a solid foundation for graduate study in health administration, business, and related fields.


The vision of the HSA Program is to be recognized as the preferred undergraduate AUPHA Certified Program in the mid-Atlantic region, known for its excellence in education of students in a continually changing health care environment, who will assume a variety of entry-level health care administrative positions in diverse settings. The HSA Program will also be known for its role as a resource to health services organizations.


The HSA Program embraces the following values as it carries out its mission:

Student-focused: We are continuously focused on student needs through the use of appropriate and varied teaching methods to meet varied learning styles in order to promote academic achievement.

Rigor: Our program prepares students to be successful professionals through challenging coursework and experiential learning.

Innovation: Our course content and delivery is forward thinking and helps students gain knowledge of current and cutting edge concepts and practices in the field of health services administration in preparation for entry-level careers.

Excellence: We promote the highest quality of teaching through faculty development, assessment and constant improvement.

Collaboration: We embrace collaboration with our stakeholders, and establish meaningful relationships between our students, with our students, and with health services organizations to create positive, diverse learning experiences as well as value for the organizations.

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