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Practice Interviews

Having a chance to practice interviewing will improve your performance in an actual interview.

What We Offer

Practice Interviews with Employers

Don’t miss your one and only chance to practice interviewing with experienced professionals! Each semester, employers participate and provide you with professional feedback on your interviewing skills. JMU's Practice Interview Program can help you gain valuable experience interviewing with employers without leaving campus!

All Practice Interviews are held in our Interview Center (CAP 3rd floor Student Success Center).

Practice interviews are 45 minutes in length. You will begin the practice interview for 20 minutes, then receive initial feedback for 5 minutes. The practice interview will resume for 15 minutes and end with 5 minutes of final feedback. Feedback halfway through the interview is an opportunity to learn how to improve your interviewing skills and then practice directly applying them for the second half of your interview. 

Sign-Up for a Practice Interview Today!

Access Practice Interview sign ups from Recruit-A-Duke (“Job Opportunities” tab on the left side> “Employers Seeking JMU Students/Alumni”> type “Practice Interview Program” in the search bar).

Practice interviews are for practicing, so you do not need to sign-up with an employer that you are interested in working for. However, you should still research the employer before your practice interview, as they could ask you questions about their company! No matter which employer conducts your practice interview, you will obtain the necessary foundation and skills for a successful interview.

Open to ALL majors!
**Students are allowed to sign up for ONE Practice Interview per semester.**
Bring copies of your resume, and dress professionally!

What Students Are Saying

"The recruiter provided a lot of great input that I will carry in future interviews. It was a great experience."
"It was prompt and timely, offered a meaningful learning experience. I definitely advise other students to use this resource."
"This was my first professional interview. I think that it was very helpful and thank you for giving me the opportunity! I plan to sign up for more in the future."

94% of students report the feedback received from the interviewers in this program is "excellent!"
92% of students report feeling they can make a best first impression during their next job interview after participating!
97% of students report that the interviewers address their specific interviewing performance concerns in this program!
100% of students rate their Practice Interview experience as "Good" or "Excellent"

Prepare for your Practice Interview

Many practice interviews include behavioral interview questions. These questions are open-ended and ask you about past work or life experiences.

  • Learn more about behavioral interviewing and other common interview questions, so you'll know what to expect.
  • Before your practice interview, consider practicing at home using InterviewStream.

Employer Evaluation Forms

Review this form for insight into what employers are looking for in your practice interview!

Additional questions?

Email us at

Interview Stream

All JMU students and alumni can use InterviewStream to conduct free, online practice interviews with a webcam. You will have access to frequently asked interview questions, or you can choose your own questions, or you can select a prepared interview. You can record yourself responding to each question, retry, and review the final product to improve your performance.

Features and benefits of using InterviewStream include:

  • Convenience: You can practice online, any time of the day or night, from the comfort of your own room.
  • Interview Questions Specific to your Field: You have the option of conducting an interview with questions that are specific to your future career field. InterviewStream organizes practice interview questions by industry. This allows you to create your own practice interview related to Business, Education, Technology, Sciences, Health Care, Communications, Art, Non-Profit, Social Services, Military, Recreation, and more.
  • Expert Advice: InterviewStream also offers videos where recruiters provide advice and strategies for answering difficult interview questions and making the best impression in the interview, overall.
  • Getting Feedback: After you conduct a practice interview on InterviewStream you’ll have a video of the entire interview that you can access later. You can send anyone (professors, family members, friends, mentors) the link to this video and ask for their feedback on your responses and non-verbal communication. You also have the option of reviewing the final video yourself and revisiting any of your responses to improve your performance.

To learn more about InterviewStream and preview how the system works, check out the InterviewStream intro video.

Go to the InterviewStream login page to get started.

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