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All Academic & Career Advisors in Career & Academic Planning are generalists and can meet with any JMU student to discuss majors, careers, graduate school, etc.

Some CAP advisors also serve as designated liaisons who work with certain academic majors and programs at JMU, partnering with faculty to provide career information. If you would like for a liaison to come speak to your class, please feel free to contact the liaison in your academic area.

Kate Bergey

Kate Bergey,

Liaison to College of Visual and Performing Arts 
Liaison to Center for Global Engagement

Check out our job search resources for International Students.


Cassidy Lawson,

Liaison to College of Health and Behavioral Studies
Liaison to Veterans

Check out our job search resources for Veterans.


Venus Miller,

Liaison to Center for Multicultural Student Services

Check out our job search resources for Multicultural Students.


Courtney Pelfrey,

Liaison to College of Science and Mathematics 

Dominique Rodriguez

Dominique Rodriguez,

Liaison to College of Arts and Letters


Aimee Stright,

Liaison to College of Integrated Science and Engineering
Liaison to Office of Disability Services

Check out our job search resources for Students with Disabilities.

Colleen Waller

Colleen Waller,

Liaison to College of Education

Logan Zeigler

Logan Zeigler,

Liaison to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression

Check out our job search resources for LGBT+ Students.



Liaison to College of Business

Interim contact: 

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