Enrolling in classes as a minor

Students can minor in Art, Art History or Book Arts, providing there is space available. These minors will:

• Broaden understanding of the value and role of the visual arts in general culture.
• Deepen appreciation for personal artistic production.
• Enhance creativity and ability to think independently. 

Our classes are initially restricted to majors only, and overrides are not granted for any classes during the initial enrollment period. Minors receive an email when classes become available to them several weeks into the enrollment period. During Fall registration, minors receive this email in late July, once course registration is made available again. Overrides are not granted until a few weeks prior to the start of classes. There are no restrictions based on declared major/minor for our summer session offerings.

Minor in Art

The Art Minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours in art studio, architectural design, graphic design or industrial design. This includes ART 102, 104, two studio-based electives in ART, ARCD, GRPH or INDU, and two 300-400 level studio-based classes that do not count toward your major. Many 300-level classes have 200-level prerequisites that may be selected as the electives; contact your minor advisor to make sure your plan for progress is in place. The student’s minor program is subject to the approval of the school director. Details are noted in the link below.

The Art Minor is open to all JMU students, but initial registration in ART, ARCD, GRPH and INDU classes is limited to SADAH majors only. Art Minors will receive an email when registration is open to them. Contact the course professor about overrides and prerequisites. Note that most 300-level design classes are not available to non-majors during the regular academic year. Prerequisites and restrictions are normally waived during the Summer Session, so that can be a good time to take your minor classes.

There is no portfolio review and no restrictions for admission to the Art Minor. However, there is sometimes a wait list of one or two semesters for admission. Students are admitted in order of application as spots open up.

See required courses in JMU's online catalog

Advisor: Corinne Diop


Minor in Art History

Students enrolled in any JMU degree program may minor in Art History by completing a minimum of 18 credit hours in Art History courses. Students may add the Minor to their academic program using MyMadison. 

Advisor: David Ehrenpreis


Minor in Book Arts

The minor in book arts is a cross disciplinary program that requires a minimum of 21 credit hours. The student’s minor program is subject to the approval of the SADAH director.  A total of nine credit hours may be double counted between the minor and the major.

Advisor: Dawn McCusker


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