As Medical Director of the University Health Center, Dr. Stephen Q. Rodgers represents the JMU “all together one” spirit. He is described as pleasant and approachable with a contagious smile and positive attitude, no doubt coming from his background in Pediatrics, with him completing his residency at the University of Oklahoma Children’s Memorial Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters after obtaining his medical degree from the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine in 1970. After spending 10 years in his solo Pediatric practice and then thirteen years in a private group practice in Virginia Beach, VA, Dr. Rodgers came to JMU.

Dr. Rodgers works to build community both within JMU and between JMU and the greater Harrisonburg community. He is involved with various departments across campus, including the departments of Health Science, Athletics, and Nursing among others. He builds community between JMU and Harrisonburg by being a liaison to Rockingham Memorial Hospital and a participant to Disaster/Epidemic committees.

Promoting teamwork and collaboration are also part of Dr. Rodgers contributions to JMU. He contributes to different areas and groups, including student affairs, administration, health science, athletics, student groups and organizations and public safety. Dr. Rodgers often does guest lectures for the Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, and nursing programs.

Dr. Rodgers cares for the students by “living” the University Health Center’s vision to provide a holistic approach to student health, education, wellness and outreach services. He goes above and beyond just providing medical care to students by also working with students on their projects, research, and other structured activities.  Dr. Rodgers recently helped a communications class do a project on new employee orientation at the Health Center. He is also involved with the Student Health Advisory Committee and attends their meetings and helps them as needed.

Phyllis Munn, the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner at the Health Center, describes Dr. Rodgers as “a guru of latest studies and statistics” with “a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that myself and the staff tap into often”. Dr. Rodgers is dedicated to learning, professional development, academic excellence, and keeping up to date on all aspects of college health.

He inspires the team at the University Health Center to work hard to meet goals and approach challenges and changes in health care with enthusiasm. He is described by Phyllis Munn as being conscientious, hardworking, motivated, and mindful to diversity. He inspires students as well as the team at the University Health Center. Cannie Campbell, the director of the Health Center, notes that along with all of his many involvements throughout the JMU and Harrisonburg community, Dr. Rodgers still spends half of his time seeing patients and with many patients coming back to see him because “he is just so sweet”.

Through his leadership, teamwork, collaboration, dedication to learning and academic excellence, Dr. Rodgers cares for the health and well being of JMU, inspiring others along the way, and really represents the “all together one” spirit here at JMU.

I am honored and delighted to present the All Together One award to Dr. Stephen Q. Rodgers.

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