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How to Apply to for Re-entry After Less than 2 Years

You should complete the (online) Undergraduate Intent to Enroll form if you meet ALL of the following requirements:

  1. You were previously enrolled at JMU as a degree-seeking undergraduate student
  2. You have at least one graded ( including withdrawals ) semester at JMU.
  3. You have been absent from JMU for less than 2 years/24 months (one semester – 1 ½ years).

If you meet requirements 1 and 2, but have been away from JMU for 2 or more years, you will need to complete the (online) Undergraduate Re-entry Form

Re-entry Dates and Deadlines:

Fall Semester:             July 1
Spring Semester:         November 1
Summer Sessions:       April 1                                                                       

Start Early

We strongly recommend that you do NOT wait until the deadline to submit your Undergraduate Intent to Enroll form; we encourage you to submit your re-entry form at least two weeks before the submission deadline.  We begin processing re-entry forms at least six (6) weeks prior to the stated semester/term deadlines.   

During our peak processing times (early April, early July, and early November) it could take at least 4 weeks for processing.

Students on Academic Probation or Academic Suspension

  • Complete an Undergraduate Intent to Enroll form by the deadline of the semester in which you wish to return.
    • After you answer "yes" to Question 2, a box will appear requesting that you provide a " Multiple paragraph personal statement citing the reason for departure, interim activities, and academic plan upon re-entry."  A personal statement must be provided prior to submission of the form.  For additional personal statement pointers, visit the Re-entry Personal Statement information page.     
    • Forms received after the stated deadlines will not be processed.
  • If you have taken courses at another college (two-or four-year) while absent from JMU, e-mail (unofficial) transcript(s) to Academic Student Services ( 
  • Re-entry is not guaranteed, but contingent upon review by an academic review committee chaired by the Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Student Services. Such review may result in denial or conditional re-entry.
    • Students will receive correspondence (via e-mail and/or mail) informing them if their re-entry request has been denied or conditionally granted.
    • Students conditionally granted re-entry will not be activated (i.e. able to access MyMadison) until a signed/dated copy of the conditional re-entry letter is returned to Academic Student Services. 

Students in Good Standing

Students who left the university in good standing and who have been absent for one semester-1 1/2 years must submit an Undergraduate Intent to Enroll form.  The form will be processed by, and communication will come from, the Office of the Registrar.

Activation for students who take a leave of absence for documented medical or mental health reasons will be contingent on receipt of a letter from the attending physician indicating the student is able to attend classes.

Quick Guide


Complete and submit the Undergraduate Intent to Enroll form by the applicable deadline.


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