ASP Job Ad Fall 2022

ASP Hiring FAQs

ASP peer instructors earn $11.00 per hour and work 10 hours per week.

Applications are live now! Apply at in the “Student Positions” section.

For more information, click HERE and/or e-mail Shawn Ficadenti at

Peer Instructor Quotes

Here is what ASP peer instructors have to say about their peer instructor experience...

I had a wonderful experience as a Peer Mentor, and it will genuinely be one of my best memories from college.  I loved being a part of a program that helps students achieve their academic goals, and navigate through the stress and pressure of college.” – 2019 Peer Instructor

Being a PI gave me the opportunity to help my peers grow as students.  Although I was the instructor, I learned a lot about the university and even myself.  It's a fun and rewarding experience which is why I've been a PI for 2 years.” – 2018 & 2019 Peer Instructor.

"In my time as a Peer Instructor, each class I facilitated was a learning experience, as I discovered right alongside my students how to succeed academically.  With a spectacular co-peer instructor, talented PI teammates, and an amazing group of students, each day was a new adventure in one of the most rewarding, challenging, and fun experiences I have had in my time here at JMU." – 2019 Peer Instructor

Becoming a PI was one of the best things I have done at JMU. I not only got the opportunity to teach valuable skills and engage with other students, I also learned so much. I got to learn about more skills that I can use in my own life as a college student and more than anything, my public speaking abilities grew. If anything, do it for the relationships you can form! I have made such wonderful friends over the past semester. I highly recommend applying to be a PI! It was such a rewarding experience all around!” – 2019 Peer Instructor


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