We are working on the following projects with partners across campus. 

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Name Description Partner Status
Incoming Student Skills & Attitudes Questionnaire Core piece of student success system, survey administered during student orientation to assess 12 key non-cognitive factors. Data generates student reports, advisor reports, and data for SSEA and other programs to use to support student success Orientation & Transisions; Advising Community; IT On-going
Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation  Key software ecoystem for student success system, working closely with colleagues on design, communication, implementation, & change management  IT, Academic Affairs, Dean of Students On-going
Predictive Retention Model Develop predictive retention model to support proactive, holistic, and asset-based student success campaigns and identify institutional programming  Registrar, PAIR In development
Student Success Research Fellows Learning & research community for faculty and staff to explore data-informed questions about equity, student success, and retention.  CFI, Research & Scholarship On-going
First-Year Seminars Discussion group of staff, advisors, faculty currently teaching first-year seminars or interested in first-year seminars, exploring best practices, acting as resource for one another, and researching impact In planning
Check-in Surveys Core piece of student success system, micro-surveys texted to students to check-in, connect, and support students Office of Residence Life On-going
Classroom schedule dashboard Explore research questions related to classroom scheduling, provide visualization of classroom schedule data Registrar
In development
Canvas student activity Core piece of student success system, exploring leveraging student Canvas engagement data to support proactive, holistic, and asset-based support. Current focus on zero-activity  Libraries
In development 
Re-enrolling stop-outs Need analysis, process development, strategies for re-enrolling stop-out students Registrar, Colleges, OSARP, PAIR, Athletics
In planning
Mid-term grades Exploring roles that mid-term grades, progress reports, and feedback play in academic success for students and faculty; increase current midterm grade submission and usage Registrar, Colleges, Advisors On-going
Mid-term grade research study Study funded by Bluenotes grant to explore different midterm grade and feedback processes for students, faculty, and advisors; Spring 2023 pilot with 10 faculty across 3 colleges CAL, CISE, COB, Advisors, Faculty 
TFRE EARNS Collaborating to design, imlement, and evaluate Task Force for Racial Equity recommendations for early academic student success  Admissions, Advising, Orientation & Transitions

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