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What is Alternative Winter Break?

An Alternative Winter Break has the same structure as one of our Alternative Spring Breaks. This experience happens in the winter during the university's December/January break. It will be considered on a year by year basis according to the academic calendar for it's length and dates. Keep an eye on the events section of the homepage for updates.

Check out the breaks we offer for this academic year!


Current estimates for domestic driving breaks are $250-300 and $450-1200 for flying breaks (including international) for the week which includes all of your food, housing, and transportation. Costs may go down as final budgets are approved for each break.  All breakers participate in fundraising to help reduce the cost of the break.  The cost does not include travel days food, souvenirs, and the community exploration day expenses.


You can sign up first-come first-served in the CSL Office (SSC 2100).  There will be an announcemnt available on the homepage once we have confirmed community partners each fall!  Registration typically begins late September/early October.

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