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With opportunities to specialize in the areas of Public and Professional Writing or Health and Science Writing, our graduate program offers students a critical lens for considering writing in multiple modes (text, audio, video, social media, etc.) for audiences in the academy, the workplace and the community.

Students in the Master of Arts in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication program must successfully complete three required courses for nine credit hours and six WRTC elective courses for 18 credit hours.

In addition, students have two options for satisfying the six-credit capstone requirement for the master’s degree: a research-based master's thesis on a relevant topic or a 300-hour internship with an external client on a relevant topic.


Core: 9 Credit Hours

  • WRTC 500. Critical Questions in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication. 3 credits
  • WRTC 504. Professional Editing in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication. 3 credits
  • WRTC 508. Research Methods in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication. 3 credits

Electives: 18 Credit Hours

Students choose six courses from the following:

  • WRTC 595. Special Topics in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication. 3 credits
  • WRTC 604. Ethics in Communication. 3 credits
  • WRTC 608. Intercultural Literacies. 3 credits
  • WRTC 610. Publication Management. 3 credits
  • WRTC 612. Teaching Writing. 3 credits
  • WRTC 624. Public Work of Rhetoric. 3 credits
  • WRTC 628. Genre in Action. 3 credits
  • WRTC 630. Legal Writing. 3 credits
  • WRTC 632. Issues in Rhetorical Theory. 3 credits
  • WRTC 640. Proposal and Grant Writing. 3 credits. 
  • WRTC 644. Discourses of Health and Medicine. 3 credits
  • WRTC 648. Rhetoric of Science and Technology. 3 credits
  • WRTC 652. Communicating Science. 3 credits
  • WRTC 664. Critical Perspectives on Digital Cultures. 3 credits
  • WRTC 668. Interfaces and Design. 3 credits
  • WRTC 680. Readings in Technical Communication. 3 credits

Capstone: 6 credit Hours

  • WRTC 700. Thesis.**
  • WRTC 701. Internship.**

    Note**The WRTC Capstone may be completed in one term by enrolling in six credit hours or over two terms by enrolling in three credit hours each semester. 

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