Approved Minutes for this meeting (Microsoft Word format)

The James Madison University Board of Visitors met
 Friday, April 15, 2005, in the Board Room of JMU's  College  Center. Following is a summary of actions taken by the board and of key areas of discussion at the board meeting:

Passed a resolution praising Glenn M. Weatherholtz for his service to the Commonwealth, Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, and James Madison University as a member of the Virginia General Assembly, State Trooper and Sheriff of Rockingham County.

Passed a resolution praising the  James  Madison  University football team for bringing a new level of recognition to the university by compiling an outstanding 13-2 record during the 2004 season and winning the National Collegiate Athletic Association Championship in Division I-AA.

Heard a report from the office of Academic Advising and Career Development.

Approved the Six-Year Capital Plan.

Approved the following tuition changes:

  • Virginia student tuition and fees increased $246 to $2,998.
  • Non-Virginia student tuition and fees increased $738 to $12,434. 
  • Comprehensive fees for all students increased $164 to $2,888. 
  • Room & Board for all students increased $244 to $6,124. 

Was told by President Linwood H. Rose:

  • That Dr. J. Peter Pham, assistant professor of justice studies, played a significant and high-profile role in major media coverage of Pope John Paul's funeral as well as in papal succession coverage.
  • That a new protein named lacritin that may help a condition known as "dry-eye syndrome" is being produced in James MadisonUniversity's biotechnology laboratories.
  • That Madison is named as one of 81 American "Colleges With A Conscience" by the Princeton Review.
  • That the JMU ROTC unit was named best in the East.
  • That the JMU Brass Band won its "national championship" for the second year running.
  • That JMU ranks fourth in the nation in its enrollment size for number of alumni serving in the Peace Corps.
  • That JMU claims as alumni more Virginia Exceptional New Teachers than any other school



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