A paragraph is a block of text that develops a single, coherent idea or focus.

In some types of writing, paragraphs may be only a line or two (e.g., journalism, creative writing, business communication, social media, and online pages like this one). In longer pieces, writers use paragraphs (and sections featuring multiple paragraphs) to organize their thinking and to help make that thinking evident to readers.

The term "paragraphing" gets at the decisions writers make in devoloping, separating, ordering, and transitioning between paragraphs for their readers.


Guidelines for paragraph development This site explains the concepts of unity and coherence, provides strategies for developing and organizing paragraphs, and offers a 5-step process. The site also provides model paragraphs and advice for revising problematic paragraphs.


Parts of the paragraph

Coherent paragraphs (dead link; we're working on it)

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