News Articles

News articles need to include very specific information. They have a standard structure that is rarely altered. They focus on timely event or development.

PowerPoint Guide to writing a news article using the "inverted pyramid" format, including a sample

Use a chart to fill in the 5 Ws

Feature Articles

Feature articles are longer pieces that involve more than just reporting timely facts to the reader. These are human interest stories that tell about a person, place, event, or trend in more depth than a typical hard news story.

Tutorial about writing feature articles

Press Releases

A press release is a document written for the media, not the public. The press release is meant to provide the media with the information necessary to write an article about a specific topic (though the news writer will often need to contact additional sources for a balanced article). Press releases have a set format.

Overview for writing press releases

How to write a press release with examples

Sample Press Releases from Microsoft

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