Writing effectively in a business setting requires familiarity with the conventions and expectations of several common documents. The audience and purpose of a business document often affects its content and the way it is organized.

Audience analysis: "If absolutes about writing exist, this is definitely one: audience analysis determines everything about a piece of writing, from what you say to how you say it. Believe it: There are no rules; the audience rules." This little webpage cuts right to the heart of the matter, offering no-nonsense instructions on identifying a template and finding models, analyzing and prioritizing audiences, and figuring out what the audience needs. The UWC Writing Guides and Handouts "Audience" page offers additional resources.

Specific Kinds of Writing

Accounting and Finance writing: a comprehensive introduction created by the University of Montana Writing and Public Speaking Center.

Business letters

Business emails

Business memos

Case study writing

Meeting minutes

Content & Context

Writing with good or bad news

Business netiquette

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