Run-ons and Comma Splices

Run-ons, comma splices, and fused sentences refer to incorrect or missing punctuation between two independent clauses. Readers see two complete sentences, and they need stronger, better punctuation that more clearly establishes the relationship between the two sentences.

Identifying and correcting run-on sentences, fused sentences, and comma splices: this very old online resource is still very useful.

Run-on sentences: we also like this page.


Sentence Fragments

Sentence fragments are incomplete bits of speech. Short fragments are easy to identify: walked, I, and to the store are all fragments. The challenge comes when our thoughts become more complex, or when we try to hook ideas together.

Identifying and correcting fragments: the UNC Chapel Hill Writing Center resources are always good, and this page is no exception.

Understanding and correcting sentence fragments: this smart University of Maryland resource focuses in more explicitly on sentence fragments.

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