The UWC will OPEN for online sessions on Monday, March 23!

JMU's Learning Centers (and the Student Success Center more broadly) will be closed through Sunday, March 22.

The UWC's appointment scheduler is open now for online appointments starting on Monday, March 23. Our professional writing consultants will be ready to assist you with your academic, professional, and personal writing projects. See below for more information about how you can plan for your online session(s).

The UWC will OPEN for online sessions on Monday, March 23!

The UWC will be closed through Sunday, March 22. We'll open for online appointments on Monday, March 23, with our full team of UWC consultants.

Try online consulting! We can help you with your writing project no matter where you are (and no matter where we are). You can use our UWC online scheduler to reserve online sessions.

To make your online appointment in the scheduler, click on the "Yes. Schedule Online appointment" option. Before your session, you should log in, click on your session, and click on "START OR JOIN ONLINE CONSULTATION" to make sure you have your microphone and camera options enabled (online sessions work better when we can talk, and even better when we can see each other). After you've got the technology squared away, plan to get back in there a few minutes before your session starts.

If you can't schedule an online session, check out the UWC's Writing Guides and Handouts resources.

New UWC Resources

Digital Storytelling Platforms, Content Creation Tools, and e-Portfolios

For help composing in digital environments, we recommend these "Digital Storytelling, e-Portolios, and Personal Branding" resources.

To request a class presentation or workshop on digital storytelling or e-Portfolios, contact UWC Digital Specialist Samantha Haling at For more information, visit the UWC's Faculty Resources page.


Need APA help? Check out our new Annotated APA 6 sample paper and style guide. Our APA 7 guide is coming soon.

Working on a rhetorical analysis assignment? The UWC's "Rhetorical Analyses: An Overview" and "Annotated Rhetorical Analysis" resources introduce key terms, concerns, and organizational strategies.

Personal statements and statements of purpose are important, and they are hard to write. This Personal Statements: An Overview handout and new annotated sample personal statement resource can get you started. The other resources on our Personal Statements page offer additional help (plus, we'd love to work with you in person: just click on that "Make an Appointment" button).

Writing a literature review for the first time? Want/need to do it better, or bigger? Check out our "Literature Review" resources.

Faculty (and Students)

Review your peer review: the UWC's 5-part peer review series offers condensed, researched insight into planning, delivering, and assessing peer review and workshopping sessions.

Re-group: the UWC's 5-part group writing series offers a comprehensive guide to designing and capitalizing on group writing assignments.

Visit the UWC's Faculty Resources page for information about course-specific workshops and presentations, and use the UWC's Presentation Request Form to request a workshop or presentation tailored to your students' needs. 

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