The goals of James Madison University’s Robert Noyce Scholarship Program include supporting student development as science and mathematics pre-service teachers, identifying the most promising candidates as Noyce Scholars, and supporting Noyce Scholars as new teachers so that they become outstanding educators.

JMU Noyce Scholars are eligible for up to 2 years of support ($14,000/yr) to cover tuition, fees, and other expenses. In addition to financial support, Noyce Scholars will participate in a mentoring program that begins at JMU and continues through their first two years of teaching. Each Noyce Scholar will be provided with a Professional Mentor and School Partner to help them navigate their early teaching career. Professional Mentors will have a long-term partnership with Noyce Scholars and provide content-based and pedagogical support. School partners will be identified in the Noyce Scholar’s school. They will have frequent, direct contact with NS and provide help working in the school environment.

In addition, Noyce Scholars will participate in a Professional Learning Community where they will be able to discuss teaching, concerns, and the latest research developments in teaching. They will also be funded to attend JMU’s Content Teaching Academy during the summers before and after their first year in the classroom.

This Noyce Scholarship program was built on the work of JMU’s Noyce Capacity Building Project: James Madison University EPIC (Expanding Pathways, Identity and Capacity) Science Education (DUE-1439849). This program that expanded the curricular pathways for students to complete teacher licensure; created opportunities for students to build their identity as teachers through student organizations, professional development and other community-building opportunities; and increased capacity by providing early teaching opportunities to science majors who were not initially considering a career teaching.

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