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Academic Resources

Undergraduate Catalog

The Undergraduate Catalog site provides undergraduate students with information on university requirements and academic programs, as well as course descriptions. 

Graduate Catalog

The Graduate Catalog Web site provides graduate students with information on admissions, available graduate programs, degree requirements and course descriptions. 

Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office offers details for Student Information Services, academic calendars, exam schedules, registration deadlines and various forms that students may need.

University Policies

The University Policies and Procedures website is a resource containing the policies and procedures developed and maintained by the University Policy Committee at JMU.

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is a resource maintained by Judicial Affairs for all current students at JMU. This website provides information academics, student life, business, finance and policies and procedures.   

Resource Centers

Career and Academic Planning

The Career and Academic Planning (CAP) site provides resources and contact information for all career-related topics, as well as information on specific majors, minors and graduate schools.

Learning Resource Centers

The Learning Resource Centers website provides students with details and contact information for the various centers dedicated to student success at JMU.

Transfer Advising

The Transfer Advising website contains the information potential and current transfer students need when planning their academic careers at JMU.

University Advising

The University Advising website provides students with important academic information including an overview of general education, majors and minors. It lists graduation requirements and many other tools and resources to assist students with academic planning and tracking academic progress.

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