NOTE: Due to current events, Summer 2020 courses will be delivered in an almost exclusively online or distance learning format.  Therefore, the list below may not be accurate but it will provide a general idea of courses offered.  

The following is a list of courses offered every summer at JMU. The purpose of this list is to assist you in planning your academic schedule. While we cannot guarantee you a seat in the course or that the course will not be canceled if it does not make the minimum enrollment number, we do guarantee the course will be offered during a JMU Summer Session.

Subject Catalog # Title
ACTG 303 Basic Spreadsheet Skills for Accountants
ACTG 304 Advanced Spreadsheet Skills for Accountants
AHRD 550 Human Resource Work Experience
ANTH 195 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 196 Biological Anthropology
ANTH 494 Field Techniques in Archaeology
BIO 103 Contemporary Biology
BIO 114 Organisms
BIO 124 Ecology and Evolution
BIO 214 Cell and Molecular Biology
BIO 270 Human Physiology
BIO 280 Allied Health Microbiology
BIO 290 Human Anatomy
BUS 160 Business Decision Making in Modern Society (Online)
CHEM 120 Concepts of Chemistry
CHEM 131 General Chemistry I
CHEM 131L General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 132 General Chemistry II
CHEM 132L General Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 241 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 241L Concepts of Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 242 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 242L Organic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 390 Problems in Chemistry - Independent Study
CHEM 497 Undergraduate Chemistry Research - Independent Study
CHEM 499 Honors - Thesis Research
COB 202 Interpersonal Skills
COB 241 Financial Accounting
COB 242 Managerial Accounting
COB 487 Strategic Management
ECED 510 The Creative Arts in Early Childhood Education
ECON 200 Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON 201 Principles of Economics (MICRO)
EDUC 300 Foundations of American Education
EDUC 370 Instructional Technology
EDUC 501 Workshop in Education (content Teaching Academy)
EDUC 540 Educational Technology
EDUC 630 Research and Inquiry in Adult Education/Human Resource Development
ELED 533 Children and Mathematics II: Data, Chance, and Space
ELED 570 Developmentally Appropriate Methods and Technology
ELED 632 Inquiry in Elementary Education
EXED 200 Nature and Issues of Disabilities
EXED 375 Overview Study of Autism Spectrum Disorders
EXED 440 Foundations of Classroom and Behavior Management
EXED 508 Nature and Issues of Exceptionalities
EXED 512 Behavior Management in the Classroom
EXED 520 Differentiation of Instruction and Collaboration in Special Education
FIN 360 Analytical Skills in Finance
HIST 101 World History to 1500
HIST 102 World History since 1500
HIST 225 U.S. History
HM 402 Supervisory Hospitality Internship
HRD 240 Introduction of Human Resource Development
HRD 245 Leadership in Organizational Settings
HRD 370 Performance and Task Analysis in Human Resource Development
HRD 480 Learning in Adulthood
HRD 485 Development of Materials and Programs
HRD 490 Special Study in Human Resource Development
HSA 454 Internship in Health Organizations
HTH 100 Personal Wellness
HTH 231 Community Health
HTH 245 Foundations of Infectious Disease
HTH 255 Chronic Disease and Disabilities
HTH 351 Health Behavior Change
HTH 370 Child and Adolescent Health
HTH 372 Human Sexuality
HTH 378 The Use and Effects of Drugs
HTH 408 Health Research Methods
HTH 423 Ethics and Critical Thinking in Health Care
HTH 450 Epidemiology
HTH 495 Internships in Health Organizations
HUM 102 God, Meaning and Morality
HUM 252 Ghandi, Non violence and Global Transformation
INTA 295 Cross-National Research Skills
ISAT 152 Analytical Methods II: Topics in Applied Physics for ISAT
ISAT 160 Problem Solving Approaches in Science and Technology
ISAT 211 Issues in Modern Production
ISAT 212 Energy Issues in Science and Technology
ISAT 491 Senior Project I
ISCI 101 Physics, Chemistry and the Human Experience
ISCI 104 Scientific Perspectives
JUST 225 Justice and American Society
KIN 100 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness
KIN 202 Biological foundations of Kinesiology
KIN 471 Practicum in Exercise Science and Leadership
KIN 481 Internship in Exercise Science and Leadership
KIN 511 Technology in Health and Physical Education
KIN 610 Curriculum Design and Development in Health and Physical Education
KIN 611 Teaching Diverse Populations in Health and Physical Education
LTLE 150 Information in a Contemporary Society
MATH 103 Nature of Mathematics
MATH 105 Quantitative Literacy and Reasoning
MATH 107 Fundamentals of Mathematics
MATH 108 Fundamentals of Mathematics II
MATH 155 College Algebra
MATH 205 Introductory Calculus
MATH 207 Fundamentals of Mathematics III
MATH 220 Elementary Statistics (Online and in-class formats)
MATH 231 Calculus with Functions I
MATH 232 Calculus with Functions II
MATH 235 Calculus I
MATH 236 Calculus II
MATH 237 Calculus III
MATH 238 Linear Algebra w/Differential Equations
MATH 318 Intro. to Probability & Statistics
MIED 620 Assessment in Middle Education
MKTG 380 Principles of Marketing - ONLINE Only
MKTG 385 Consumer Behavior - ONLINE Only
MKTG 494 Marketing Internship
MSSE 607 Middle and Secondary Curriculum and Co-Curriculum
MSSE 625 Assessment in Secondary Education
MSSE 630 Inquiry in the Classroom
MUED 660 Introduction to Graduate Study in Music Education
MUED 661 The Professional Portfolio
MUI 492 Internship in the Music Industry
MUS 131 Fundamentals of Music
MUS 241 - 242 Music Theory II: Music Writing/Analysis
MUS 243 - 244 Music Theory II: Aural Perception/Analysis
NUTR 280 Nutrition for Wellness
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 120 Critical Thinking
PHIL 210 Philosophy through Film
PHYS 140 College Physics
PHYS 140L College Physics Lab
PHYS 150 College Physics
PHYS 150L College Physics Lab
POSC 200 Global Politics
POSC 225 U.S. Government
POSC 295 Research Methods
POSC 300 Politics and Film
POSC 302 State and Local Government
PSYC 101 General Psychology
PSYC 160 Life Span and Human Development
PSYC 210 Psychological Measurement and Statistics.
PSYC 211 Psychological Research Methods
PSYC 250 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 497 Senior Seminar: Topic to be determined later
PSYC (Social Science Psychology) At least two from the following will be offered: 330 Psychology of Personality
PSYC (Social Science Psychology) At least two from the following will be offered: 335 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC (Social Science Psychology) At least two from the following will be offered: 345 Social Psychology
PSYC (Social Science Psychology) At least two from the following will be offered: 365 Developmental Psychology
PSYC (Natural Science Psychology) At least two from the following will be offered: 375 Sensation and Perception
PSYC (Natural Science Psychology) At least two from the following will be offered: 380 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC (Natural Science Psychology) At least two from the following will be offered: 385 Biopsychology
PSYC (Natural Science Psychology) At least two from the following will be offered: 390 Psychology of Learning
PSYC (Natural Science Psychology) At least two from the following will be offered: 395 Comparative Animal Behavior
PSYC 660 Counseling Theories
PSYC 661 Counseling Techniques
PSYC 669 Career Counseling - Maymester Session
PSYC 695 Practicum in School Psychology
PSYC 713 Practice Issues in Rural School Psychology
PSYC 749 Multicultural Perspectives of Interventions
PSYC 790 Internship in School Psychology
PSYC 800 Research Project
REL 101 Introduction to World Religions
SCOM (one of the following will be offered): 121 Fundamental Human Communication: Presentations
SCOM (one of the following will be offered): 122 Fundamental Human Communication: Individual
SCOM (one of the following will be offered): 123 Fundamental Human Communication: Group Presentations (Online and in-class formats)
SCOM 240/241 The Process of Human Communication
SCOM 242 Presentational Speaking
SCOM 248 Intercultural Communication (Online and in-class formats)
SCOM 260 Introduction to Public Relations (Online and in-class formats)
SCOM 261 Public Relations Techniques I: Written (Online)
SCOM 341 Persuasion (Online and in-class formats)
SCOM 347 Communication, Diversity & Popular Culture (Online)
SCOM/WMST 348 Communication & Gender (Online)
SCOM 350 Organizational Communication (Online)
SCOM 358 Business & Professional Communication (Online)
SCOM (one of these will be offered - they fulfill the same requirement): 383 Communication Reearch Methodologies (Online)
SCOM (one of these will be offered - they fulfill the same requirement): 386 Communication Survey Research (Online)
SMAD 201 Fundamental Skills in Media Arts & Design
SMAD 202 Fundamental Skills in Media Arts & Design II
SRM 282 Practicum in Sport and Recreation
SRM 482 Internship in Sport and Recreation Management
UNST 490 Personal Money Management (online)
WRTC 103 Critical Reading and Writing

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