The Madison Summer Experience


Advisory: JMU is open but, in support of our nation's social distancing efforts, we have limited staffing in our offices. We are here to support you. Please do not hesitate to contact the Summer Session Office at


Important Updates
  • Join us this summer to explore new subjects, complete degree requirements, delve into a subject with intense focus, and advance your progression to your degree through online summer session courses. Due to COVID-19, all 2020 Summer Session courses are online.


  • JMU has offered summer session courses online for many years, and enrollment in online courses now surpasses on-campus course enrollment. 


  • We are working to ensure you have the opportunity and support needed to make progress towards your degree through the delivery of a rich and engaging learning environment. With online course delivery, you can enjoy the flexibility of virtual learning, work from the comfort of your home, and customize the material to your learning style.


  • We have increased the sessions available for this summer. Both undergraduate and graduate courses are offered in any of the sessions listed below. 
2020 Undergraduate & Graduate Sessions

1-Week Sessions:

    • 1st 1-week term: May 11 - May 15
    • 2nd 1-week term: June 15 - June 19

2-Week Sessions:

    • 1st 2-week term: May 18 - May 29
    • 2nd 2-week term: June 1 - June 12

4-Week Sessions:

    • 1st 4-week term: May 18 - June 12
    • 2nd 4-week term: June 15 - July 10

6-Week Sessions:

    • 1st 6-week term: May 18 - June 26
    • 2nd 6-week term: June 29 - August 7
UG and GRAD courses are offered in all sessions. Ignore the "U", "G", and "SA" session designations in the class schedule.

 8-Week Sessions:

    • 1st 8-week term: May 18 - July 10
    • 2nd 8-week term: June 15 - August 7

10-Week Session:

    • 10-week term: May 18 - July 24

12-Week Session:

    • 12-week term: May 18 - August 7

Graduate Clinical:

  • August 10 - August 25

Welcome to the James Madison University summer session information entry point. This web site is intended to serve as easy access to summer session information for all students, those currently enrolled with JMU and non-degree seeking students interested in taking courses during the summer.

The summer session offerings at James Madison University make it easy for you to plan ahead. Many of JMU's most popular and high demand courses are offered in the summer. Due to current events, course offerings this summer will be delivered online only.  Understand, however, summer sessions cover the same amount of material as in a fifteen-week term during the academic year, so be prepared for an intensive classroom experience. Current JMU students enroll in summer courses as per their registration appointment.

 JMU Students are assigned enrollment appointments beginning April 6th.

Summer-only students may begin enrolling May 4, 2020 if they have completed the application process.


Online classes provide many benefits such as allowing a more flexible personal schedule, the ability to review course materials repeatedly and learn at your own pace, and it increases your self-discipline in time management.  Think you will miss the peer interaction normally associated with a traditional classroom environment?  Online learning offers opportunities to stay in touch through virtual study groups and subject discussions.


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