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SOGIE Programming would like all the JMU community to know that we are here for you. If you have a question specifically related to SOGIE Programming or LGBTQ+ focused support, please email our Assistant Director, Jennifer Iwerks, at The resources included on this page are specifically geared to supporting LGBTQ+ people.

Health-Related Resources:

Social Supports:

  • Peer Support Space: Peer Support Space is holding daytime and nighttime community support Zoom calls. Peer Support Space is a "safe space for anyone to share anything in a nonjudgmental and supportive environment. We believe that you never know what anyone is going through, that it is okay to not be okay, and that when we share our stories we become empowered and remind others that they are not alone. Join our chosen family to give a receive support."
  • Trevor Project: Provides access to counselors by phone call (1-866-488-7386), online chat, or text (text START to 678678). They also provide an online community for LGBTQ youth ages 13-24.
  • Q Space: Q Chat Space provides online discussion groups for LGBTQ+ teens ages 13 to 19. It is not a forum. It is live and chat based; there is no video or audio. Everyone is chatting during the same pre-scheduled time. Conversations are facilitated by experienced staff who work at LGBTQ+ centers around the country.
  • Gender Spectrum: Online groups for LGBTQ+ kids, teens, and adult family members
  • Fenway Health Helpline (25+): 617-267-9001
  • Fenway Health Peer Listening Line (25 and under): 617-267-2535

Mindfulness and Mental Health:

Quarantine at Home - These sites have information about family relationships and tips for interacting with family and friends.

Things to Do:


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