What is REBOUND?

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What’s your Rebound Story?

At JMU, we are creating a culture that shares setbacks and failures, and uses them as opportunities to grow stronger and wiser. If you have had or are experiencing struggles – no matter how big or small – come join our community and listen to the stories of others, share your own story and enroll in the Rebound Program.

Our Program

Our Rebound Program can get you connected to a mentor who will offer space for reflection on key areas in your life. We understand that life is complex, and deciding what to concentrate on in one’s life is not always clear, especially after a setback. You will meet for 8 weeks with your mentor who will support you, provide resources, and provide guidance.

  • Week one: Intro
  • Week two: Academic Wellness
  • Week three: Emotional Wellness
  • Week Four: Social Wellness
  • Week Five: Financial Wellness
  • Week Six: Physical Wellness
  • Week Seven: Spiritual Wellness
  • Week Eight: Wrapping it up

Ultimately, our hope for you is that you feel supported, that you take the time to reflect on obstacles to your success, and that you have some space to brainstorm some steps moving forward that will help you be more successful here at JMU and beyond.

Get Started

If you would like to get connected to Rebound feel free to contact the Dean of Students office to schedule an Intake meeting at 540/568-6468 or rebound@jmu.edu

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