*These are the linked sources referenced on our list of STEM careers page.

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  18. Creating "EduGames"

  19. Developing technologies and curriculum for "Discovery Education"

  20. Work for Lego education as a STEM education specialist or other

  21. Virtual world creator

  22. 70 Jobs for 2030

  23. Careers in GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

  24. Careers in Android development

  25. Educating Outside the Classroom

  26. National Informal STEM Education Network

  27. Center for Advancement in Informal Science Education

  28. Informal STEM Education will accelerate the bioeconomy

  29. Careers in the Biological Sciences

  30. Virginia Energy Career Cluster

  31. Ceres Company Network (Energy)

  32. Solar careers map

  33. Wind careers map

  34. Ed.D. programs in science education

  35. Top Careers in Computer Science

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