The Student Support Hub is overseen by the Basic Needs Advisory Board which includes faculty, staff, students, and community partners who research, create, and advocate for resources and policy changes to better support students facing financial hardship. The Basic Needs Advisory Board reports to Dr. Tim Miller, the Vice President of Student Affairs. 

Current Members include: 

  • Co-Chair - Jeremy Hawkins (Off Campus Life)
  • Co-Chair - Adrienne Griggs (IIHHS)
  • Brent Beringer (JMU Dining Services)
  • Beth Cochran (Learning Centers/Math & Stats)
  • Kim Hughes (GA in Community Service-Learning)
  • Sydney Jones (TORCH) 
  • Thomas Lavenir (Center for Global Engagement)
  • Kathryn Manico (SGA)
  • Laura Minnich-Lockey (Canterbury Episcopal Ministry)
  • Dawn Ohanessian (Office of Residence Life)
  • Preeti Pandey (Graduate student)
  • Lili Peaslee (Public Administration)
  • Dominique Rodriguez (Dean of Students office)
  • Ben Rosenberger (JMU Dining Services) 
  • Danilo Salli (GA in The Graduate School)
  • Robin Swecker (Blue Ridge Area Food Bank)
  • Liz Thompson (Libraries)
  • Jennifer Walsh (Dietetics)
  • Christina Wulf (Office of Disability Services)

If you have any questions about the Basic Needs Advisory Board, you can contact Jeremy Hawkins ( or Adrienne Griggs ( 

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